23-25 march 2023 Auxerre AuxerrExpo


Aff’Tech fair 2023

Salon afftech Like every two years, the National Union of French Sharpeners of Cutting Tools (SNAFOT), invites you to its meeting, from 23 to 25 March 2023 at the Exhibition Center in Auxerre, Auxerrexpo.
This trade fair, which is of course open to all sharpeners and grinders, irrespective of their field of activity, will bring together all the trade suppliers of grinders, lubricants or computer tools that are indispensable today. This diversity and complementarity is the richness of this meeting, which also offers exhibitors and visitors a special look featuring an unusual artistic touch. The professionals will be able to discuss with their suppliers while spending a convivial moment with their colleagues.

This important meeting is at the centre of our trades, and as Gilles Duterlay, General Commissioner of the show, points out, "It's a matter of bringing all the players in our industrial sector, grinding and sharpening, of course, and also all our suppliers or those who enable us to do our work, into contact with each other. It's a great meeting for all those who work in this industrial sector revolving around the grinder"..

Sharing ideas and know-how

The Aff'Tech fairs are an opportunity to facilitate exchanges between complementary professionals. The targeted offer is more personalised than at major trade fairs, and aims to allow quality exchanges between exhibitors and visitors, through a better valorisation/specialisation of the offer.
This fair, unique in France, aims to be a crossroads of information to enrich skills, discuss the problems encountered and look for solutions together.
The fair is a reflection of the work the SNAFOT has been doing for several years: creating mutual support networks between the various players rather than competitors' positions. It is always interesting and beneficial to be able to compare experiences and to bring your know-how to the table. Moreover, it is by sharing that you can improve production, evolve, progress and adapt to new requirements to better face the future. The Aff'Tech fairs are an opportunity for all professionals to sharpen their production strategy to stay at the forefront!

Aff'Tech on European time

Aff'Tech also works in co-operation with European professionals and trade unions. 

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